The Comfortfactory


In a world not far from here
are people often sad
from time to time
there’s just one tear
more often it gets bad

here, sadness sometimes will not pass
and when it won’t here’s what you do
send your tears to the Comfortfactory
and then Someone will come to you

some people’s tears are many
some people’s tears are less
some people don’t have any
are filled with emptiness, i guess

and then Someone will come to you
and they will hold your hand
humming perhaps a melody
and wouldn’t try to mend

no pressure to be fine again
no pressure to return
to happy like you were back then
just be here let it yearn

Someone will wait till you’re asleep
till you have fallen in a dream
and when the skies turn light and grey
the day is brighter than it seemed

the void has come of tears instead
it’s not a place, no night no day
what it might be i do not get
but everything is grey

There’s nothing left to feel once there
except a yearning to before
a yearning back when we still cared
just to feel anything once more

and some people take a leap
they tumble down and down
into their tears they fall so deep
will they sink or swim or drown

imagine, this wild whirl of your tears
a quiet peril at its core
how did you ever wind up here
how will you ever find a shore

once in deep there we will see
the landscape of the tear
how different we will be
what powers it will rear

still it’s unclear where we will go
perhaps with time, but maybe not
i wonder if it matters though

if we appear to be
not anyone
just drops that flee

for we will fade into a salty sea
of tears, our longings on the side
flowing from ebb to flood to falling tide.

English | Hardcover
ISBN 9789402169522 | Text & Illustrations

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